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BC Chemical Industries Ltd RC:1710957 is a Chemical Manufacturing Company that Manufactures,Import and Export Basic Chemicals,Specialty Chemicals,and Consumer Chemicals,We Offer Quality Training on Household and Industrial Chemical Product Formulation and Production Processes that covers Cleaning and Laundry,Disinfectant,Hair care and Skincare Products, as well as Paints,Inks,Poultry and Feed Formulations, Agro and Allied Chemical Products.We Supply Household and Industrial Chemical Raw materials world-wide.

|Paint Training|

√BC Chemical Industries Ltd is a strong chemical industries that finds Pleasure in Quality Paint Training.
Here, we have section A-E that contains different Paint product course outline,You can choose from any of the courses and Register with us.™
Check the courses below!

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|√Paint Training|


Training Fees:131.14$

1.Low Quality Emulsion
2.Mid Quality Emulsion
3.High Quality Emulsion
4.Gloss finish
5.Quick Dry enamel
6.Under coat primer
7.Red Oxide primer
8.Satin Emulsion
9.Silk Emulsion
10.Textured finish.

✓Method of Training: Online and Offline are used.
✓Course Duration:5 Weeks

✓Certification Issuance:Yes,Available.


•Training Fees:262.64$

You will be fully Trained on the following Paints below:
1.Road marking paint
2.Chlorinated rubber paint
3.Alkaline Resistant primer
4.Heat Resistant paint
5.Bituminous paint
6.Bright Aluminum paint
7.Anti-rust primer
8.Anti-rust finish
9.Anti- corrosion Emulsion
10.Rubber Emulsion paints

✓Method of Training: Online and Offline are used.

✓Course Duration:8 Weeks

✓Certification Issuance:Yes,Available.


•Training Fees:393.96$
You will learn the following Paints Product making with their formulation!
1.N/C primer paint
2.Putty filler
3.Auto base
4.Auto flex
5.Auto clay
6.Stoving paints
7.Coil coating
8.Aerosol paints
9.Roof coating
10.Sealants paint

✓Method of Training: Online and Offline are used.
✓Course Duration:10 Weeks

✓Certification Issuance:Yes,Available.


•Training Fees:525.28$

You will be fully trained on the following paints product below with standard Industrial Formulation:
1.Epoxy primer
2.Epoxy mid coat
3.Epoxy MIO
4.Epoxy zinc rich primer
5.Epoxy Aluminum
6.Epoxy Bituminous
7.Epoxy flooring system
8.Epoxy mortar
9.Epoxy High build
10.Epoxy solvent less
11.Epoxy finish

✓Method of Training: Online and Offline are used.

✓Course Duration:10 Weeks

✓Certification Issuance:Yes,Available.


Training fees:$1050.56

You will learn the following Special paints below with their formulation:
1.Polyurethane primer
2.Polyurethane top coat
3.Thermoplastic paints
4.Ethyl silicate paints
5.Etching primer
6.Epoxy thinner
7.Polyurethane thinner
8.Synthetic thinner
9.General thinner
10.Ink production

✓Method of Training: Online and Offline are used.

✓Course Duration:10 Weeks

✓Certification Issuance:Yes,Available.

•To Enroll for any of the Paint Product Training Section we listed above A,B,C,D AND E.

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