Friday 22nd October 2021

BC Chemical Industries Ltd

BC Chemical Industries Ltd RC:1710957 is a Chemical Manufacturing Company that Manufactures,Import and Export Basic Chemicals,Specialty Chemicals,and Consumer Chemicals,We Offer Quality Training on Household and Industrial Chemical Product Formulation and Production Processes that covers Cleaning and Laundry,Disinfectant,Hair care and Skincare Products, as well as Paints,Inks,Poultry and Feed Formulations, Agro and Allied Chemical Products.We Supply Household and Industrial Chemical Raw materials world-wide.


Onyx Gardens is a very strategically located estate in a serene area of Asaba before the Asaba Airport. Onyx is a master piece and stands out with its aesthetic features. It provides an amazing investment opportunity for everyone with fast capital appreciation. It is a 10 minutes’ drive to the Asaba Airport. A right turn from the Azagba junction, a straight drive leads to the estate.

Onyx Gardens is available for sale; price and payment breakdown is stated as follows.

Full Plot measuring 500m2 = N1,500,000 (Outright or 3 instalments within 3 months)

Other Flexible Payment Plans:

Full Plot measuring 500m2

N1,750,000: N7,294 daily (Mon-Fri) oN145,883 monthly for 12 months.
N2,000,000: N4,167 daily (Mon-Fri) oN83,333 monthly for 24 months.
N2,250,000: N3,125 daily (Mon-Fri) oN62,500 monthly for 36 months.
N2,500,000: N2,604 daily (Mon-Fri) oN52,083 monthly for 48 months.