Tuesday 19th October 2021

BC Chemical Industries Ltd

BC Chemical Industries Ltd RC:1710957 is a Chemical Manufacturing Company that Manufactures,Import and Export Basic Chemicals,Specialty Chemicals,and Consumer Chemicals,We Offer Quality Training on Household and Industrial Chemical Product Formulation and Production Processes that covers Cleaning and Laundry,Disinfectant,Hair care and Skincare Products, as well as Paints,Inks,Poultry and Feed Formulations, Agro and Allied Chemical Products.We Supply Household and Industrial Chemical Raw materials world-wide.

|About Us|


BC Chemical Industries Ltd

BC Chemical was incorporated and Established as legal Chemical company on the 15th September,2020.The company is  fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission(C.A.C) and has RC:1710957 under the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990.BC Chemical Industries Ltd is highly committed to rendering Quality Services. 

We tends to expand to Indian,U.A E and South Africa and other countries of the world,we run and engineered online  product formulation and do it yourself training across the globe.


The company mission/objective for which the company is established are:

A.To carry on business of general merchants,manufacturing,marketing,production,import and export,distributors,suppliers of all goods,wholesalers,retailers,buyers and sellers of all and every kind of basic chemicals,specialty chemicals and consumers chemicals products.

B.To trade on all commodities which the company may lawfully deal in,whether such producer or commodities be wholly or partly solid,liquid or gaseous,general merchandise of all and every kind of Basic chemicals.

C.To establish and acquire and carry on offices,trading outlets,supermarket,department stores,for the sale of all kinds of products whether by wholesale or retail and whether as manufacturers or distributors of general goods including sale and production of basic,specialty,and consumer chemicals.

D.To carry on businesses in Agro and allied services,farming,fishery,poultry,palm oil processing and Agriculture.Also as bakers confectioneries,flour and cassava mills,fruit juice processing,food and table water processing,plastics and other recycling.

E.To do all such other things as maybe considered to be incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


To be the world largest chemical manufacturer,Importer and Exporters of Basic chemicals,Specialty chemicals and consumers chemicals,Formulators and Trainers of millions of Entrepreneur across the globe in Household and Industrial chemical Product.


Since inception,we have successfully produced and supplied quality products to private individuals,corporate bodies,Firms and organisations.We have successfully formulate and Trained tens and hundreds of Persons in our Do IT YOURSELF(DIY) training Services.