Sunday 5th December 2021

BC Chemical Industries Ltd

BC Chemical Industries Ltd RC:1710957 is a Chemical Manufacturing Company that Manufactures,Import and Export Basic Chemicals,Specialty Chemicals,and Consumer Chemicals,We Offer Quality Training on Household and Industrial Chemical Product Formulation and Production Processes that covers Cleaning and Laundry,Disinfectant,Hair care and Skincare Products, as well as Paints,Inks,Poultry and Feed Formulations, Agro and Allied Chemical Products.We Supply Household and Industrial Chemical Raw materials world-wide.

BC Chemical Industries Ltd (RC:1710957) is a chemical manufacturing company that Manufacturers,Import,Export Basic chemical,Specialty chemical and Consumer chemical.

We are the Formulators of household and industrial Chemical Product such as Paints,inks,Agro and allied chemical, Advanced Cleaning and Laundry  Product,Disinfectant,Hair care and Skincare Product.

We offer intensive Training on household and Industrial Chemical product making,we render quality product formulations.

We offer Professional services and excellent training on product formulation online,as well as online private tutor and special training training.

Choosing us will keep you on a right tract,we have an unlimited access to chemical product,we re chemical Industries Ltd,feel free to contact us for any chemical Services you wish to use,we will not put all our product online here.

Our customers re free to request for special product if not seeing on this site.